Surveillance Aircraft: Observer


A combined project by Cranfield Aerospace, DERA and TASUMA, the Observer is a recent development allowing single operator UAV ground control to now become a practical reality. Operated through touch sensitive map and image displays, the aircraft allows the operator head up control of the platform, close inspecion of areas of interest and a single touch is all that is required to initiate a search routine, close on a target, or closely observe a key point. Aerodynamically unstable in all axis, the development of the Gust Insensitive control system and avionics package allows for significantly inproved aerodynamic performance via reduced weight and drag.

Transit Speed 125 kph
Loiter Speed 110 kph
Wing Span 2.4 m
Length 1.6 m
Weight 20 kg
Endurance 120 mins
Motor Size 88 ccs

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